Friday, October 5, 2007

Frame made in China

I had finally managed to organize my work to be frame. But this time I choose to bring it with me to China and ask the lady at the market to frame it for me. She took a week to finish and send it over straight to my hotel. It is very convenient. The reception girl at the hotel is more excited than me....they are all aware that cross stitch is my serious hobby since they always stop me whenever I came back from shopping....the girls requested to open the package to have a look on them....I had spend less than RM80 for all these three frames (cheap and neat work!)...too bad that the photos taken are not so clear........

From left : Love One another , Flower Bouquet by EMS and My Needle and My Floss by Waxing Moon Design
I have two or three more works from Lizzie Kate freebies waiting to be frame. I will take them with me for my October trip.
I have less than a month to do my packing before I left for permanent stay in China. I had settled my apartment hunting during my September trip. There is not much things to pack except for my stitching tools and supply and some food stuffs while I am getting use to get the supply locally. I have not find any shop selling DMC thread or Aida fabric so far, not even in Shanghai. So I have to make sure that these go into the boxes.

Cross stitch on the go

Before I left to Shanghai for my September trip, I had planned for a SAL project with my buddy stitchers. This is the result of my stitching while I am on the go which I had completed into pinkeep (yeaahhh my first ever pinkeep...)....

Pattern : Alphabet Tree a Freebie from Blue Ribbon Designs

Fabric : DMC 14ct white Aida

Thread by Carrie Creations

Shades : Harvest Brew / Sea Kelp / Blue Lagoon

I have been enjoying stitching with Carrie Creation lately. The colors are lovely and sooo stunning....

This piece were stitched on the flight to Shanghai and were completed in my hotel room in Zhejiang. Then I brought back to Malaysia to assemble into pinkeep since I do not have enough tools and supply for assembling them (hhhhmmmmm....she is now sitting pretty on top Wawa's piano...)

Now that my buddy stitchers had grown from 3 to 4 persons and our office are located at the same area. The pinkeep is our first SAL project and we had planned for another project after Eid Mubarak holidays. Our SAL rule are very simple :

1. Since all of us are too occupied with our work but at the same time wanted to continue doing our serious hobby, we had decided to choose a small project ie. pinkeep, needlecase, scissor keeper etc.etc.

2. The design must be using less than 3 colors or alternatively we can use variegated colors.

3. We try to go searching for the materials or tools together during our lunch time.

4. Meet at least once a month for lunch.

I also managed to finish small gift which I started stitching during my August trip. I made a biscornu as a surprise gift for my office administrator, Izzy, who had help organizing my travel schedule whenever I am away for my overseas trips. She had done a tremendous jobs and always get my favorite seat for my flight. I feel she should be appreciated for some kind of special gift since she is also into cross stitching and my only buddy stitcher in the office. I suggested to her that this biscornu can be use as a scissor fob but she prefered to hang it on her cubicle wall. It's nice to see her smiling face when I had it over to her.....

Free pattern from Aurelle
Fabric : Hand dyed DMC 14ct Aida
Thread : Carrie Creation
Shade: Sea Kelp
(If you notice I stitched the Blue Ribbon Design for the names at the back of the biscornu)

These is my stitching achievement for September. I have yet to finish my Bouquet for Cheryl which should have been completed end of Sept (my original target...:P)....I have another 25% to complete, so I am not so worried since the date line is for another 2 months.

H a p p y S t i T c H i N g and I hope you had enjoyed reading my entry.