Monday, June 7, 2010

I am on blog again

Hello again...apologize for my long silence. Its been more than a year I never update my blog. What has been happening to my life?? hhhmmm....after bidding farewell to China in early 2009 I was asked to come again to support the project in July the same year. I was in Malaysia for a brief 3 to 4 months. Again I have to leave the children and my other half in Malaysia and again I have to listen to all bad word that people talk behind my back (potraying me as a vicious mother...) ..I am used to those gossip nowadays and never bother to even think of it (always tell myself not to give a damn). I am very lucky to have Rozi as my life partner...he is so supportive, very understanding and most importantly very loving and faithful. I am bless with 4 beautiful children who always behave and showing their love and support eventough we live thousand miles apart. Mommie will always love all of you!!. It is very hard sometimes to live apart like this but we managed to go through all the hardship togather. I am glad that now I manage to schedule my travel frequently to visit them in Malaysia. I make a point to be home at least once a month. I had a chance to send Adam off to his 1st day at kindergarden. It was a very unforgettable memory. Seeing Adam off to school on his first day is a very satisfying experience...I remember woke up very early prepared some breakfast for the kids and drive Adam to school. This can be a very normal and routine activity for some other mothers but for me it is a very special moment since it is not alway that I had a chance to send the kids off to school. Sometimes I even dream to quit my job, do lots of stitching, cook and bake varies dishes/cookies and spend lots of my time with the kids.

On the stitching front, I had finished quite a number of stitching project in 2009 and for 1st quarter of 2010 I sign in for 3 exchanges - a biscornu, ATC and mattress pincushion. My swap partner are from the UK and New Zealand. I had also pile up my stash collection and bought a few new charts from LHN and CCN (my most favorite designer). I will show and tell some of my stitching project.

I was supposed to continue my story on my backpacking journey to ShangriLa Yunnan but never get a chance to continue writing...I will upload some pictures. I have done quite a bit of travelling with the kids while they were here in end of 2010...we went to visit Terracota Warriors in Xian and spend a couple of days in Beijing. It was not a very good travelling experience since we were rob off our DSLR camera which I only bought for 6 months and Adam's handheld PSP. I feel sorry to the kids because we lost all our travelling pictures in Xian especially the Terrocota Warriors visit.

We will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this year...I thank Allah for giving me such a good life with Rozi!! We had promised to perform Haj next year insyallah (may Allah answer our prayers and give us more strength to keep up and improve our effort toward reaching our goal). Eventough I am not being able to enjoy my life fully with the children like other mothers do and being around my partner all the time, I am thankful that I am being love by them and the children still appreciate me. Wawa always tell me how proud she is to have a smart mom (which I doubt on her claim!), Uya is proud to have her mom living in China (children are always weird sometimes...)..Adam is always thinking of my cooking...once I told him that I will be flying home soon and ask what would he like....he answered instantly ..I want crab mommie...bestt besttt....i want you to cook crab..and my eldest Nabihah is always being the guidance to all her siblings....eventough sometimes we have our differences as she is more like daddy's favorite girl but she has done a very good job while I am away...I am proud that our family is in a close knit eventough we are living thousand miles apart.....
I had this from them recently during their trip to east coast without me....isn't it sweet!

Rozi had bought us a flight to Melbourne in October to celebrate our 20th anniversary....thanks love for that!! Can't wait for the get away trip with you....

That's about it ...I hope to write and show some pictures soon...thanks for taking your time reading my blog entry. Enjoy your week and Happy Stitching!!