Monday, November 5, 2007

November updates..

Yeahhh, i finally able to update my blog in China...I hope this will work well!
I was in Hangzhou just to kill time for the weekend.....I bump into a small stall at Wushan Market which sell exquisite Chinese embroidery. I was stuck there for hours admiring the work. I enjoy watching the lady stitching at the stall. I did asked where can I buy the silk threads she is using...she refused to tell me and keep saying it's very difficult to get them. I try to get her to sell some thread to me but still she declined...will keep on trying to search around...
I finally found a shop selling DMC thread which takes me an hour of bus ride (just in case I am desperate for stock!).
On my stitching front..not much progress since has been very busy working...I only need an hour of stitching to finish the "Bouquet for Cheryl" still I can't find time to complete them..
H a p p y S t i t c h i n g!!
Happy stitching!

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