Friday, May 16, 2008

Shanghai & Beijing Trips

Apologized for writing intermittently as I have to juggle in between chatting with the children and writing this journal which mean I have to totally miss my stitching work. That is the worst part of all!! Hope you can bear with me.

Since we have a few hours left before the departure time, we decided to go for a sight seeing in Shanghai. Both of us decided to bring the kids to see the Bund and took a stroll at Nanjing Road. We took the subway before making a stop at the People Square, walking around, took some picture then continue to Nanjing Lu.
In the subway station on the way to the Shanghai Railway Station

Riding on the subway

Clowning around at Nanjing Lu

The Bund, Shanghai

The children on a tramp at Nanjing Lu and posing at The Bund

At the Bund, Shanghai

We boarded the express train to Beijing at about 6pm via Shanghai Train Station. One thing about taking train in China is to make sure that you are at the right train station. We bought the ticket at South Station but boarded the train in a different station. Even tough none of us know how to read Chinese, but we managed to look for the correct gate without being lost. This is partly due to the correct way of displaying the signboard around the station. They are all user friendly. At the same time, I always make sure that I ask someone around me on the location and train number stated on my tickets. I make sure that we arrive at the waiting hall at least an hour before the departing time just to be safe in case we cannot find our way around . It is easy since each train number have a separate waiting hall indicated with the train number and time.

The children have been demonstrating good behavior for the past few hour of our journey. Najwa was so excited and had asked for our permission to explore by walking around the coach. She checked the toilet location and condition. She felt so strange as people around her were always staring at us ...I guess they are amazed for number of children that I am having as China is practicing one child in a family. Most of the passengers in the train thought that we are fellow Chinese from Xinjiang province, as we were dressing more less the same like them. Najwa, Nadhirah and Adam were very delighted to have their first chance of boarded the train in a long journey. They have been very active moving around exchanging seat between me, Rozi and Ayong. In order to keep Adam busy during the long journey, Ayong ensured that he carried with him the small toy. She also reiterated to Adam in several occasions to be responsible with his toys, organized it in his little bag pack soon after playing with them.

It was a 12 hours of smooth train ride. We slept throughout the journey and Rozi woke us up at 5:30am to get ready for washing up and prepare some instant breakfast. It is important that we rise up early to beat others, as the queue at the bathroom & washroom is getting longer as the train approaching Beijing. I prepared 2 cups of instant noodle with some milo while waiting for the children washing up. Most of the long journey train in China provide hot water and sell some food supply. But for us, we brought most of our food supply from Malaysia :) ......i love Malaysia!!!!

To be continue..........


snazzynsuch said...

did you find any craft shop in China? i'm going end of this year.. (insyaallah)
hoping that i can go to the craft shop there..

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