Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making Chinese Dumpling

Hello again...sorry for my long silence. I have been wanting to write but has been caught up with so many things to do.

This time I would like to share some cooking session with the ladies here making beef and prawn dumpling.

The ladies at the office, Jinli, Emma and Cecily are kind enough to show me how to prepare dumpling. They spend the whole evening at my apartment enjoying our cooking session togather.

Step #1 Mix the flour with cold water and salt. Make it like a dough. Then set aside for a while. Important note, you got to have a special small roller (left photo-sorry forgot to snap appropriate one!) in order to make dumpling. The roller is a gift from Emma's mom.

Step # 2 Chop the parsley stick. Then, dry it and mix it with the blended beef. Make sure you pick the fresh beef without veins. Then mix altogather with an egg and finely chopped garlic.

Step 3 If you choose to have some varieties like me, you can also opt for prawn dumpling. Clean and take out the prawn vein. Mix with an eggs and finely chopped garlic. I also add in some fried egg into the ingredients.

Step #4 Set altogather on the table.

Step #5 Take the dough and divided into small pieces. Roll the small pieces in round shape and wrap the mix ingredient togather. The method is the same as making currypuff.

You have a choice whether to have a steam or dry fried dumpling. If you choose to have the dry fried dumpling, heat the wok and pour in small amount of oil. Then, place the dumpling one by one into the work and pour in approximately a table spoon of water. Then cover the wok. Always make sure to keep your burner moderately in order to have just nice dry fried dumpling.

I hope you had enjoying your reading. Thanks for dropping by.

Happy stitching while you are cooking!


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