Friday, August 1, 2008


Hi ...I thought of this good deed last night while reorganizing my stitching basket.

Since my birthday is another two and half month to go, I would like to open to my blog visitors to register for my birthday giveaway stitching basket (MBGSB). This is open to all stitchers and RE lover, no matter in which continent you are residing right now. I will conduct two separate draws (since RE is my current craze!!)

The registeration is open from now until 09th October 2008. I will make a draw on my birthday on Oct 10 2008.

The 6 simple rules :

1. You must be an active stitcher or RE Emroiderer

2. You must have your own blog showing your WIP stitching/RE project and your finish piece. I will come for a visit to check it out (good reason to start reading on other's crafting project!)

3. You must invite in your blog 3 persons from your stitching/RE buddies to register for MBGSB

4. You must register by leaving a note at a comment field by indicating which group you belong to

5. Only 1 name is allow to register for this MBGSB (so if you are into both like me, you have to choose which one you want to grab !!! :)
6. Your are to stitch your winning prize and display in your blog ....does not matter how long it will take to complete the project :)

What will you get in the giveaway baskets (either one of this) with 1 mystery gift in each basket:

For Crosstitcher

1. 1 set of this cross stitch kit come with 14ct white Aida fabric with stitch count 194 (W) x146 (H)

2. 1 pce of bookmark kit

3. 2 floss of 100% silk threads which I bought from Suzhou.

For Ribbon Embroiderer

1. 1 set of RE kit (for frame)

2. 2 rolls of 3 mtr satin ribbons (I will choose the colors & size later)

3. 1 small flexible hoop

I pick these from my stash so "is as" basis is appicable. But I rest assured all are in good condition and still look new.

Best of luck to all of you and I hope my Crosstitch/RE readers have lots of fun!!!! Something good to look forward to my birthday knowing that I will make someone day more special!

Happy stitching and messing with the Ribbons!

Hugs & with lots of loves........



maklang said...

Nak register nih..would prefer the cross stitch..

alin0ne78 said...

wanna register also .. but how??? prefer cross stitch too ...

naiz said...

cam ne nak register kakct.
minat seh!!

Julia said...

Hi Momma,
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Your work is very beautiful and I enjoyed reading about you and your beautiful family.
I will put a link to your blog.
Thank you and please enter me in your birthday draw, I love the country house cross stitch

wa'ah said...