Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hi again,

Just wanna update on the giveaway RE & CStitch kits. So far I have seen there are 3 persons registered for the lucky draw.
These are the participants :
1. Maklang - XStitch kit
2. Alinone - XStitch kit
3. Naiz - let me know which one you prefered
I also received a few note on how to participate. You can register by choosing which kits you prefered in my blog, I will moderate the comments and publish accordingly.
For those who had registered, in order to quality for the lucky draw, please remember to invite via your blog 3 of your stitching buddies to participate by registering for my MBGSB.
My other half is around right now and I have very limited time to update my blog. Nevertheless, I managed to continue with the stitching addiction while travelling to Xi'an to visit Terracota Warrior site recently. Hope to be able to write more soon.
Stitch your stress away....


alin0ne78 said...

kita PM kak naiz n others hari tuh .. baru tepek info kat blog kita ..
la nih nak buat iklan sat ..
kita mc dr 22hb buang tonsil .. kak selamat berpuasa .. kita byk letak komen tp tak leh access .. mesti failure tak pun pending ..

Asmahani said...

Hi kak ct, i'm hani aka honeydew_78 @ CARI. I nak participate. I've been invited thru alinone's blog. Of course I prefer the stitching kits. Will upload more of my WIP and complete projects in my blog

jelly said...

hi kakct..selamat berpuasa..jelly pun nak join..jelly pilih RE kit
nanti jelly upload WIP kat blog jelly