Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Trip to Terracota Warriors, Xi'an

Rozi came for a visit last month and I made last minute decision to visit Xian. Rozi had wanted so much to visit the Terracota Warriors. Since all the trains tickets was sold out, it leave me no choice other than taking the flight. I was very lucky since managed to booked discounted tickets via www.ctrip.com ......Rozi was flying to Hangzhou so I scheduled the trip out of Hangzhou and fly direct to Xian.

The trip was very smooth. The flight ticket was issued at the airport and I directly picked it up while waiting for Rozi there. The flight took 2 hours to reach Xian. We took a bus from Xian airport to the city. It is quite easy...at the airport you exit gate no 2 and there is someone outside seeling the bus ticket for RMB 27 per person. The bus will take you straight to the city and stop in front of Harmony Hotel (there are rows of other hotels too...and some shopping complex in the vicinity). The bus ride was very comfortable and it took an hour to reach the city.

These are some of pictures of our visit:

View of Xian from the flight.

This is the Beiyuan Men Muslim Street located a walking distance from our hotel

Our first meal in Xi'an at one of the Muslim Coffeshops at the Muslim Pedestrian Street

The most beautiful experience and will never forget was trying my fingers on Chinese Embroidery using 100% silk thread........the lady patiently guided me step by step and carefully show me the right way of stitching Chinese Embroidery........actually already thinking of spending my Mid Autumn Public holidays in Suzhou to register for this class but have to put off the plan since my friend said it is too expensive and the class cater mainly for European expats....hhhhmmmm..........

The entrance to the Grand Mosque.....sorrounded by beautiful and serene garden....I thank Allah for giving me the privielage to visit one of the oldest mosque in the world..........

The entrance at the main door to the mosque

Rozi had his silent moment citing praying........

Our entrance ticket to the Terracota Warrior and the main entrance of Pit No 1

The images of the human size warriors

The view of the Xi'an City Wall from the South Gate

We rent the bicyle and cyle on top of the wall....in a rainy day ...soaking all over....the raincoat definately did not gave us much help!!...bear in mind, if you are cycling on top of this wall...make sure do not speeding as the road is uneven and you may end up with flat tyre.........I helped two American tourist made an SOS call to the rental centre it is because they have too much fun riding (LOL..)...nevertheless, me and my other half had good time riding our double bicyle on top of this wall.....................back to our memory lane during our childhood days....

The view on top of the wall.....

The plenty of food choices at the Muslim Pedestrian Street. If you are visiting this place do not forget to dine at Jia's Brothers Restaurant...they serve a selection of dumpling....the shop located at the right side just a couple of doors from the main entrance.....I find it very unique the way they organize the dumpling in the bamboo steamer...since they are with the same shape but with different flavor, each flavor is organize with different pattern, ie. in a round pattern, straight line etc.

And you should not miss this porridge.....very tasteful...made out of rice, flour and some other ingredients...a bit sweet...and very nice to eat with your dumpling breakfast......gotta figure it out how to make them......

And some of the street food sell by the Muslim community which I am not able to taste at any other places in China........

That's about it........I hope you enjoy reading my travel journal to Xi'an...thanks for visiting me.

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