Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life in China

For some reason I was not able to update my blog while I was in China. I guess something is not right again with blogger. I left my house on 6 am on Sunday 16th July ....Rahim our taxi driver came on time as usual .....Rozi and my eldest girl send me off at the gate while the rest of my kids slept....I reached Shanghai at 2:30pm with Malaysian Airlines....managed to snap the photos..

The driver pick me up at Pudong Airport and we continue 4 hours journey to Zhejiang. Driving a long journey in China is a very traumatic experience...I felt as if I am on F1 track! The driver keep on changing lane from left to right and sometimes overtake another vehicle on emergency lane. What an experience! I check in the hotel at 6pm, bath and went out with my colleague to find some food for dinner. We found a Muslim restaurant at the corner of a junction opposite the hotel. I know it's quite easy to find Muslim food in China but just in case I still bring along some bread, instant noodle and 3-1 oats for emergency. These are some of the views from my hotel cafe and room:

This is the view from the hotel coffee house. I took this very early in the morning while enjoying the story book and sipping a cup of hot coffee.

This is another view from the cafe. It's the outdoor parking bay. Beside the parking bay it's an apartment building covered with fern leaf (can't really see it clearly from this picture...just notice the building)

I don't have that much chance to stitch since the work really consume most of my time. But still I managed to finish small project (will update the picture later). I felt a bit lonely since the children is not around but I use the opportunity to read (another hobby which I was not able to enjoy much now). Rob my colleague lent me a touching story book title " Tuesday with Morrie", It's about an ex student who discovered his former professor is dying of ALS disease, a Lou Gehrig disease. So he come every Tuesday to talk about life with his dying professor... I cried twice while reading this book. I usually wake up as early as 5am to start my day in China...took my breakfast as early as 6am then spend at least 30 minutes to read. It is something new that I never done while I am home. It is summer now and usually 5:30am is already as bright as 8am in Malaysia.

Gotto go now...will continue again shortly...

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