Monday, July 2, 2007

Stitching in June....

I always wanted to stitch Lizzie Kate freebies for sometime already but I do not have enough time to fullfill my wish. Then, once I received some Carrie Creation threads from Barbara, I immediately stitch these two patterns. I stitch on Linaida I bought from my stitching buddy Yasmin. I started on Thursday and finish on Sunday. Since I do not have the ornaments I just use some buttons from my collection. Thanks to Lizzie Kate for sharing this design.

I also managed to treat myself for stitching this fob for my favorite scissors. These is the same design I stitched for Ana by Laura from PassioneRicamo. I always admire her works. I wanted to stitch her stitcher's set but have to defer the plan for stitching the needlecase and small pouch (I think!) to July. I came across Laura remark on how some people had been taken advantage by selling her freebies on ebay. She was very dissapointed with these kind of people who makes some money by ripping off other people artwork. For those who love stitching I urge please respect the rightful owner & alway support originals!! Please support Laura works by visiting her at

I choose the monogram of my initial and my other halfs', it's a Victorian designed by Anne Wilson featured in Cross Stitch Alphabet (another book by David & Charles) ..aren't they lovely!


I had a lunch date with another stitching buddy Miya on 25th June. We had a chat at a cafe nearby our office and had promised for swapping some linen thread. She brought some linen supply from her previous project, a design by Moira Blackburn featured Cross stitcher issue 185. This has become my latest WIP. Started on 27th June and I hope to be able to finish by 15th July. I love the saying on Moira's work"Love one another" and the color she choose are very soft and soothing...

This is another WIP from one of my favorite designers, M Weber...Kathy violets... another addition for my biscornu collection. I have not decided on the pattern for the back portion...

I have not decided what to stitch for July but I will try to stitch the needlecase design by Laura (I really go crazy on her design!!!). I also have to start stitching for competition organized by Barbara...hhhhmmm...that will take more of my time!!! I wish I have enough time and more fingers to stitch!! I put some thought on stitching another sampler by French designer but have not really checked whether I have enough thread in my stock. Will tell more in my next journal. I am also quite excited for month of July as one of my friends is coming back from UK and bringing back some stitching goodies from my favorite shop The Workbox. I hope Helen will be able to get the stocks for my stitching accessories.

I have to dig out some charts & stash to be swap or trade in my stitchingbarn....they are quite a numbers of unuse charts and I hope to be able to sort them out in July so that others can grab them rather than sitting idle in my stitching corner.

Some update on my diet program. It's a bit slow but I only managed to trim 2 kgs for June. I have not been very discipline in my sugar intake. I also started some light walking nearby my housing area last weekend. It's quite hard to try to go back to do some exercise now. I have been taking some tuna sandwich lately and sometime I switch to boiled eggs. It's been very slow! I also managed to put on some old trousers.

I better stop now...till then, thanks for dropping by...peace to the world & happy stitching!!!

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Barbara said...

Lovely finishes and great WIPs. Take it easy on the excercise, it's perseverance more than anything.