Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthdy to Mommie's Star!!!

I am happy that I have a chance to spend my special moment with my little star
(even tough she is as tall as me now....LOL...) is my eldest's 15th Birthday!....Happy birthday to mommie star, Ayong!!!.......
You were born on 07th December 1993 at Dr Wan Clinic in Bukit M. We name you Nur Nabihah and dad decided to pick "NAJAT" means success as your third name because after three year of waiting for a child, Mommie and Daddy finally have you to the world. The minute the doctor broke the news to us, it was the best moment we ever had....we jumped for joy, I was treated well by Daddy, he really spoiled me from minimising my house cleaning to whatever you can eat all......Gooosshhh...time flies very fast!!

You were easily taken care of while you were a baby but drinks milk frequently and eat well too (up till now you still do anyway!! LOL...). But, a bit naughty while you were in primary school.....mommie and daddy still remember have to go and spy behind your back to make sure that you go to your religious class in the evening and call your school teacher every now and then to check on you. Those days had gone now!! You have grown up to be a very responsible doughter and big sister to all your siblings.

You love your little brother Adam, more than anything
else in this world and always protective of him
all the times. You look after your siblings well while Mommie is away, making sure that all your siblings have their need fulfill....packing all their clothing whenever all of you require for travelling with us, giving them moral support when they need me, gosshh there are so many countless good things that you have done for us which make mommie working life much more easier.....You took care of Mommie while Mommie was really sick and bound on wheel chair after having Adam....You always remind Adam to be a good son because he had caused mommie life (that was funny since you also mentioned to him to find good wife so that all of us can stick together and can still take care of mommie....that time Adam was merely a small baby... :-) . We share our same interest for the love of cooking and are a great cook and are able to prepare very good baked potato with white sauce, spaghetti sauce as well as baking at your age....your sisters and little brother always praise how good you are in the kitchen (sometimes mommie can be jealous of that....LOL....)....

You take your life seriously...even small matter make you really upset are always reminding mommie to be patience and good to others whenever Mommie is upset at someone in the office or dealing in day to day issues.....that was very nice of you!!....You also adore your Nenek (Grandma) so much....always talk about how good is Granny in the kitchen, how nice to be able to eat Granny food.....I can see you miss her soooo muuuchhh while you are away with me in China.......every little thing we do you will always mentioned about her.......

Mom and Dad always thankful to Allah for giving you to whatever you do, we always pray that success will always be with you........even tough, sometimes we have our differences, believe me...we always love you and you are not only my daughter but also my best friend I ever had.......we share all the stories, chit chat about anything we feel comfortable to talk are also daddy's blue eye (yeaahh I acknowledge daddy always side you whenever we fight on some tiny issues).....and sometimes we also fight because of you...LOL... and you will be the peace keeper.....and ask us to stop fighting!! Do you know how long did Daddy took to convince me to agree on buying you a new laptop??....Gossh that was never ending discussion until finally mommie gave in.......

Before mommie end my journal on your special day....this is Daddy's sms to you "Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter. You are becoming beautiful individual and excellent big sister. I am proud of you!"

With lots of hugs & loves,

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