Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mommie's Little Hero...

Happy Birthday Boy!! This is you taken when you were 6 months old.

Our special private moments

Goossshh where do I start writing about you....the most wanted child and the most lovable one in the are very special in everyone's heart!! The most who challenge mommie and daddy's life also.......You were born on 18th December 2004 at 1:40am in one of the labor room at Subang Jaya Medical Centre. Mommie name you Nabil Adam Fiqri which mean Adam -the first prophet since you are my first son, Nabil - brilliant and Fiqri - mind. Mommie gave you a nick name "Nanang" and sometimes Mommie like to call you "Boboy" since most of your sisters always refer you using that name. Throughout mommie's pregnancy Dato' Dr Siti Zaleha has been faithfully attend to mommie's need. Mommie has been very hard to follow all the diet in order to have you. Despite of Daddy busy schedule, he hardly fail to accompany mommie for routine check up. Daddy was so happy when Dr Siti told him that it's a boy!. Finally, he will no longer be sorrounded by ladies in the house.

Mommie was bound on wheel chair right after gave birth to you. That was really painful experience but nevertheless, it was worth it!! Mommie had to attend 4 months of physiotherapy to learn to walk again. Mommie never thought that Mommie will walk again. Mommie cried days and night for two weeks without knowing what will happen next. Even Dr Siti was having a very big question mark on Mommie condition. The first 10 days of Mommie's confinement Mommie had to stay in the hospital bed. Daddy and Ayong came to care for Mommie everyday. Mommie can't even move. Mommie was in pain so bad until the doctor gave Mommie morphine to lessen the pain. Dr Siti recommended Mommie to see Dr Sabri to have thorough check up....then, mommie was put into the MRI machine....goosshhh that was really big pain to move you know.......

For the rest of 4 months, Ayong and Daddy had to bath mommie, put dress on mommie because Mommie can't even do anything on my own. Subang Jaya Medical was mommie's second home then. It was the toughest moment Daddy ever had....thank god...with our strong love bond and mommie determination, mommie able to walk again and recover.....

All your big sisters adore you so much and very protective of you. You are very lucky to have them around. They always volunteer to mommie to look after you. They spoil you too much!! But, Mommie knows that among all, Wawa is your favorite one right now. That's because she always has lots of soft spot on you and Ayong is always act sometimes worst than will always dread of Ayong when she start calling your first name "Nabil"!!! means you are in trouble.........but trust me, Ayong love you so very much !!! (that's what she always tell me but sometimes she can't stand it anymore if you are being naughty or go against her word..)

Your special moment at the playground with Wawa

You are very special in mommie's heart. Eventough mommie can't always be at your side, mommie always treasure every moment with you when the opportunity come. You always wants to be smarter than your age...mommie thinks you are being very cute trying to chat with mommie on skype everyday eventough we only exchange an emotion icon and some alphabets you come up with without any meaning.......

That's about it Mommie has to say on your special day......thank god I am able to be at your side on your special day!!

With warm hugs & kisses


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