Saturday, December 6, 2008

Life is full of Love & Laughter....

Thanks for stopping by and check on my journal.

I will be making just a short journal this time due to my hectic schedule. Life has been very busy with work commitment as well as taking care of my four little pumpkins. It has been a very blissful month with lots of activities with the children. I always dreaded of being alone again once they are back to Malaysia. My small apartment has been full of laughters and noise for the past one month. The weather is very cold lately and we have less time to spend outside. The children has been staying in door and easily get hungry most of the time. I caught them taking frosties middle of the night in numerous occasions. But, I am very happy and always looking forward to come back from office early also thinking in advance everyday on the menu....we have lots of fun on girls cooking session trying out different recipes each day, shooping for our grocery togather, playing monopoly, strolling around town whenever the weather is fine outside.. ...The children has been picking up Mandarin very fast, my eldest, Nabihah, can now shop for the vegetable at a local market by her own. This is partly of my encouragement for them to learn the language while I am away at work also some help from our personal tutor, Jessy....she has done a great job teaching them :) ....
However, I am trying my best accomodating my time for my stitching piece. I had finished my Thanksgiving Ornament Challenge end of November and one of my Christmas ornaments finish into pinkeep today. I have done a bit progress on my firts LHN "Comfort" piece. I will post the photos in my next journal entry.
I am off now for my second Christmas ornament challenge and I hope you have a great weekend!!!!
Happy stitching!

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