Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hello Again....

I am sooo excited to share our new blog ....this blog belong to me and my colleague, Izzy (she is the one who organize our travelling plan, arrange our travelling needs etc...).

We are the ladies in the offie who are into stitching and crafting....we came up with the idea after Izzy told me that she wanted to try her hand on stitching a biscornu. Then I volunteer myself to stitch a long with her....the rest is history!!. Our objective is to stitch one biscornu a month to have full basket of biscornu by end of 2009.

Please visit our blog and we had started our January SAL for biscornu with "Pretty in Pink" theme. We will have different theme in each month.....

Happy Stitching!


1 comment:

Reen said...

Helo. very gud idea. keep it up. before u know it your basket will be filled with beautiful bis.