Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Life & Stitching Goals etc..

Gosshh time flies very fast....2008 had ended......I drafted this post and had forgotten to publish godness sign of aging is around the corner!.....been in China for more than a year without the children and my other half.....and I might be leaving soon.....with all the good life "Allah" gave me, I am thankful I have all my family in tact (eventough we live apart), able to do all the things I enjoy doing, sorrounded by all good friends and buddies and most importantly all the loves from people around me.......Amin..........

I have been checking my stash and digging out some nice charts which has not been touch since I made the purchase (bad...bad....bad girl!)....The time has come to make a proper plan for stitching them in 2009. In fact I had started one already....hope it won't end up in my UFO's list.

First rule for more new project for bigger piece......I must make sure all current WIPs for bigger project should be finish and NO new one!! This year will be stitching for small piece....

I had decided to dedicate my stitching for my pile of LHN and CCN charts (oohhh I love these mother and daughter stitching team...they really are creative and make bautiful charts!!). Since I participated in Vonna Ornaments SAL and SAL for ourbiscornu basket with Izzy, I decided to have an Ornie Basket for 2009....I hope my basket will full of Ornie by end of 2009.....


These will be my 2009 Life & Stitching goal

1. Ornaments SAL - at least 2 ornie a month
2. LHN "Comfort" from Thread Pack - Started on 20th Nov - 80% finish
3. Finish My 18th Anniversary "My Love is Pure & True" - send for framing
4. Finish LK "Hug Will Do" & "Count Your Blessing" - send for framing
5. Stitch UFO - "Ewe Make Me Smile" for 2 hours in a weekend.
6. Finish Biscornu (SAL with Izzy) - at least one a month - 50% finish for Dec
7. Revisit and plan to continue my big "Rose" project - no progress
8. To finish my LHN "Coffee & Tea' Thread pack series - plan to start my 1st in Feb.
10. To finish reading at least 3 books - started with one in Jan "Till We Meet Again" by Lesley Pearse
11. To upgrade my knowledge in reading books on performing Umrah & Haj - bought the book but have not started reading. Should started with this one rather than Lesley Pearse's book.
12. No more stash buying until end of 2009 - this is a MUST!!
13. Preparing to give up my good career by end of 2009 to be stay at home mom (means no more monthly income for me and no more shopping as I wish!!!). BIG DECISION!!!...I have 10 more months to go....
14. Taking the children for trip to HK Disneyland at end of 2009.
15. Spend our 19th Anniversary weekend somewhere in an island in Malaysia (we were in Bali for 2008).
As you can see from my goal list, I have no plan to make some improvement on my career....all about my family and stitching life. I think I had enough of work and living a life having well paid job but need more time with my loved one. In my course of work, I have been travelling everywhere and most of the time all by myself, I miss my children growing up and I am very lucky to have a life partner which understand me so much and keep on encouraging to do well in my career. I think I had 2 years of best time of my career and the time has come to an end. Rozi has been offered a good job in several occasions but had to declined to make way for me. In return, I think I should also make an effort to give him an opportunity to enhance his horizon in his career. I was very excited when I woke up yesterday to read his text message "I think your dream to be a lady of leisure (LOL) will come true".....I know this message means someone has been calling him for some potential position again. Apparently, the company has been offering him to look after some facilities in 3 countries and he do not need to relocate elsewhere. This will be the biggest achievement in his career, I am very happy for him and willing to give up my career if he wanted to accept the offer. We were discussing over Skype for 3 hours and he is right now negotiating on the pay and benefit. Again, I am very thankful to Allah for giving us such a good life!!!!....well only time will tell whether I will really be LOL looking after the children fulltime and live fullest!....goosshhh I always wish that everyday!!!!

I thinks that's about it for now.......thanks for dropping by and taking your time to read my entry.

Till then lots of loves & hugs,


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