Sunday, January 11, 2009

No stitching post

Hi All...I have been very tired lately taking care of my sick children, travelling back to China etc. I have not done any stitching since end of December. However, I managed to finish a book from my favorite author Mitch Albom - For One More Day (I hope I get the title right!). Love the story but I enjoyed Mitch's - Tuesday With Morrie much better. I still keep Mitch's - 7 people You Meet In Heaven (or is it 5 people??). I read half way and stop, hope to continue once I am back end of this month.
I am glad at least I had a chance to finish one book in 2008. I am now reading Till We Meet Again by Lesley Pearse. This is quite an old book (I guess). I also still keeping Living History -Hillary Rodham Clinton. Gooshhh not sure when I really can fine time to read those books!.
I am now back to an empty apartment. All alone by myself. But, I have a few stitching to be complete. Glad that will keep me busy!
I hope I will have an update on my stiching front soon....have been receiving last stash orders for 2008....hope to share with all of you in my next journal.
Thanks for reading....gotta hit the sack....tomorrow is working days after 2 weeks off ....gooosshhh..........hate to hear Mr Parson's nagging early in the morning.....

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