Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Najwa - From mommie's eyes

Happy Birthday to you.h..appy birthday to you..happy birthday to wawa...

Sorry mommie can't be at your side on your 11th birthday....however, mommie wanted to write something about you here.....enjoy!

You were born on 27th October 1997 at 4:16pm at Dr Wan's clinic in Bukit Mertajam. We name you Nur Najwa Najat which mean "light of secret whisper" also a type of dates in Saudi Arabia. But when you were small you always refer yourself as Wawa. Mom and Dad was very happy to have you since we had tried very hard to have another child after Yong. You were born five years apart from Yong. During the first scan Dr Wan said "wow....bird had flied away"....he meant you are a girl. That did not matter at all as long as mommie have another baby.

Mommie still feel that you were born yesterday. The day you were born, mommie made sure that all are ready....tidy up the house, cook the meal for the dinner, buy all the food supplies for confinement, then on the way to the clinic droped Yong at the baby sitter. While mommie was having you, mommie have to work half day for 5 months since mommie had very difficulty to wake up in the morning. Daddy had to install the air conditioner in the bedroom since mommie can;t stand the heat and having difficulty to sleep at night. Nevertheless, it is very easy to deliver you to the world. In the delivery room, Daddy even joke right after you were born it is no problem at all to have more babies after you.

Throughout my pregnancy, Daddy had to leave me for few months for his training in Japan. Up until now mommie could not figure out why you look like Japanese baby while you were small. You have been very easy to look after. In fact, we leave you with mak tok when you were 3 months while mommie, daddy and Yong went off to Tioman Island for holiday. You have been very nice to mak tok and Cu Man.

We send you for your 1st education at Q Dees. The 1st day mommie send you, you went right away to the class and looks very excited to start your day. Mommie even had to call you back and remind you to hug mommie. You are a very bright student, enjoy school and always do your homework without fail. You always make sure that you put your school bag at the right place when you reach home, hang you cloth correctly. You are a type of child who always follow the rule and always cautious with your sorrounding. Mom and Dad was very proud when you were selected to represent your kindergarten for your first speech at Q Dees Group Concert. When you were 6 years old, there was one occasion whereby you cried in front of the computer because you loose in a and dad laugh at you.....that is one traits that mommie whatever you do you always want to be the winner....One fine day you came back from school and you declared yourself that you are English. You even told me that you were going to live in England (LOL....). That was really funny!

Today, you turn 11 today and will be a very fine young lady soon. Sufi, is your best cousin now (yeahh you always refer your best friends as besties...)...ainani, fatin and ainatul are your besties at school. Your favorite word now is "oohh yeaahh..oohh yeaahh (you like to preform special act while you are saying this)......and you are currently on craze wearing a beaded black color hair band. You like to see yourself in front of the mirror so many times before you go to school or whenever you are going out with us. You have a habit of putting water on your hair so that it will always look tidy and wet .....hhhmm...we don't really understand this!. When you were standard 3, mommie ask you to walk to school and you said you will be dying because you cannot stand the heat from the sun. You are always the one who will complaint whenever you feel hot (now I understand why daddy had to install the air conditioner during my pregnancy..). You like to speak in English most of the time compared to the rest. During one of our open house, my colleague thought you were not my daughter since you speak with me in English all the time. You even refused to call me Ibu while you were in kindergarten, when mommie ask you why, you answer "Because you are my mother, that's why i call you mommie". You even refused to call your father Ayah and instead you prefer to call him Daddy. But one negative side mommie notice about you, Yong always have to remind you to perform your prayers. You even sometimes like to skip your religious class whenever there is an opportunity

You are now very lazy to help around in the house. When mommie remind you that you will become a woman and have to look after your family later like mommie. You always said you will have 6 maids to help you around (mommie will wait for this!!!). In fact you were complainting that you have to clean up after your birthday party today. You also like to dream of having a nice car like mini coopers and porsche (mommie don't really get where do you pick up all these ideas!).

Whatever you want to be mommie will always love you and at your side to give you support. May allah bless you with good life!! You are always mommie & daddy's princess.........

Mommie wish you best of luck for on your UPSR next year and on your Grade 2 piano exam next month.

Love and hug from far,


Angsana said...

Your love and support for your children comes through in your words. I read in your profile that you are far away in a foreign land. may I ask where you are now?

goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

Momma said...

Hi Angsana...thanks for dropping by. Yes, i am a cyber mom (as my daughter always says) and a long distance wife. I am now working in China and my family is in Malaysia. I thank Allah for giving me such a wonderful husband and beautiful children eventough we live apart from each other.

Take care