Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lucky draw update

Hi All....first of all I would like to apologize for those who had registered in my lucky draw. I am really behind and should have made the draw on my birthday. I had forgotten to prepare for the draw. So I will ask my good friend, Cecily, to be the guest of honor to pick the draw this weekend. Please bear with me....I shall update the result on Sunday.
It was a very hectic trip home for Hari Raya (Eid Mubarak). Even tough I was off for 2 weeks but I felt too short. Nevertheless, I had a good time with the kids and my other half. I also had a chance for a dinner with my besties ..Yatie, Kak Na and Aida ....hhhmmm yes...friends are forevers indeed!. But I missed meeting Umi who came all the way from Trengganu to meet an old friend in KL.....
The kids as always wanted to celebrate my birthday at their favorite restaurant and Rozi treated me for a nice hi tea at the Prince with a free meal voucher from Diners Club but we still need to pay for one meal .LOL....I had a very special gift from Rozi ...hhhmm thanks Darl for that!! I love its....anyway, diamonds are women's best friends.....Uya and Wawa gave me a very beautiful cards...both of you are always thoughtful.......thanks so much.....
In my stitching front...not much progress and still struggling with my xs card exchange....but I had completed sewing and stitching for my shooping bags and small grocery purse...I hope to take the photo to update in my next entry.
Work had taken lofs of my time and energy ever since I came back from my weeks off so by the time I reach home I already flat......will write with more interesting stuffs soon...

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