Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winter is coming and Spring is not far ......

Now that the watermelon and honey melon season is over......the sugar cane and chestnut season is coming. Its autumn here. The weather has been very breeze lately and at time turn chilly. But I dont get a chance to see the leaves turn colors to yellow since the temperature at the city where I live is not enough cold (I guess so...that'w why the tree all look the same to me...). I have to travel to northern part of China if I wanted to see the real Autumn. I have been thinking of visiting Javier a former colleague who is now working in Nanjing. Some of my local friends said Nanjing is not so bad for seeing some autumn foliage. But I guess have to shelf off the idea since I will be going to pick up the kids in Hangzhou early next month (gotta save $$ for that trip).

It's time to dig out the winter coat out of the closet, put on my winter slipper and wearing sweater in the house and pay more electrical bill for the heater (arrgghhh...). Whereas, the ladies in the office will be on their best boots coming to work. Usually during Autumn I let the window open a bit to let the fresh air in. Autumn is my favorite season, the weather is just need to turn on the heater, no airconditioner is the best time to take a walk in the evening. This is the time to see the street vendors selling some grill hot sweet potato or corn at the roadside on cart. You will also see people selling chestnut carrying basket around the city.

I have a habit of buying Lily twice a month...I just like the smell whenever I enter my apartment after hard day at this is the season that you can buy Lily at a cheaper price. You can get as low as RMB7 per stalk. The smell is so strong and usually lasted for more than 10 days.

Also, my eating habit will change a bit during this time, it's best that we eat Yang Rou Chuan (sort of like lamb satay) to keep our body warm

Ok gotta go....finishing my xs swap...hope to update some stitching stuff this weekend. Enjoy your weekend and happy stitching.....

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Angsana said...

How interesting, China! And oh! Acapulco Lilies ! They smell real nice. I work part-time in a flower shop:)