Monday, November 17, 2008

Looking for Floss Ring Tag Exchange Partner/SAL - LHN

Hello Stitchers out there....

I am looking for an exchange partner for a floss ring tag. If you are interested to have an exchange with me please do drop a line at the message below.

I have been keeping "A Stitcher's Prayer" chart by LHN and have not had enough time to stitch them. I am planning to stitch some portion of the pattern out of this chart. This will be my second attempt for a floss ring tag. I take this opportunity to start stitching on my LHN stash collection.

The exchange does not necessary from LHN, it can be any other pattern as long as finish as a floss ring tag. But I would prefer to be stitch on any linen or evenweave, if you do not mind. The duration for the stitching will be from end of November and mail out by 1st week of January (I am a bit flexible on the timing as long as you are able to let me know your best available time to mail out the finish piece is good enough for me)

Hope to hear from you out there. Please be advise first come first serve basis is apply.

Stitch away all your stresses......


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